The YodaQA open source question answering system imple­ments state-of-art meth­ods of infor­mation extraction and natural lan­guage under­standing — to answer human-phrased questions!

A Siri-like experience for your users — provide more value with a natural and satis­fying way to search your databases and learn about your products; an instantaneous low­-cost customer support at the front line.  •  A real Jarvis for your people — go bey­ond your compe­tition by em­pow­er­ing your work­force with an effi­cient way to search internal know­ledge bases, from regu­lations to data­sheets.

Get Question Answering now! We have an API. And we can de­ploy Yoda­QA on your data, or build a cus­tom solution. Get in touch at yodaqa@ailao.eu!

Come chat with the developers now at the #brmson freenode IRC.

Yet another deep answering pipeline”, part of the brmson QA research pro­ject, YodaQA is being built by Ailao. The re­se­arch is under the aegis of Jan Šedivý 3C group at FEE CTU Prague.